Robert munsch writing activities

Our district focuses on Heggerty and Proofreading. Share thoughts on Munsch books so far.

Robert Munsch Fun!

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Extra she started to read, her universe improved. And I was so so so bad!. The Robert Munsch en classe activities tend to be more involved, so we do these on days when our other lessons are more reading/writing oriented.

So far, both kids are enjoying the books and the activities. Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert N. Munsch, illustrated by Helene Desputeaux is a great picturebook spinning off the absolute love for coloring with markers that children have. In this case after Bridget gets washable markers, then smelly markers, and resists coloring on herself, her Mom buys Bridget super-permanent markers/5().

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Robert Munsch's Official Site. Click on a book and you can listen to it, buy it, or download the audio. My students LOVE his books! Writing Process Writing Lessons Writing Activities Writing Ideas Literary Elements Activities Language Activities Reading Lessons Teaching Plot Teaching Writing.

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Robert munsch writing activities
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