Role of higher education in inculcating moral and spiritual values

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Role of family, society, and educational institutions in inculcating values

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Role of Social Institutions in Inculcating Values

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Education is not tell or injunction. Vibrant cake in American history wove elections into a much easier way of life. Role of teachers in inculcating values In school, children are members of a small society that exerts a tremendous influence on their moral development.

Teachers serve as role model to students in school; they play a major role in inculcating their ethical behavior. This paper highlights that the NEP () characterizes higher education as a crucial factor for survival, providing the Indian people with an opportunity to reflect on the critical, social, economic, cultural, moral and spiritual issues facing humanity.

education a forceful tool for the cultivation of social and moral values. The different commissions and committees that have examined the Indian higher education system, after Independence, have identified the maladies and have also suggested remedies.

However, we have failed to follow up on the recommendations. N otes Ethics 21 ROLE OF FAMILY, SOCIETY AND EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN INCULCATING VALUES Role of Family • Family being the first and major agency of socialization has great influence and bearing on value inculcations.

Role of a Teacher in imparting Value-Education S Barahate A teacher has a higher Skits, role plays propagating moral values can be performed by students under the guidance of teacher.

Value education is education in values and education towards the inculcation of values. In its full range of meaning, value education includes developing the appropriate sensibilities _ moral, cultural, spiritual.

Role of higher education in inculcating moral and spiritual values
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