Write an algebraic expression for cos arcsin x 4

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How do you simplify the expression #tan(arcsin(x/5)) #?

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Assume the referenced angle is theta, and x is positive and in the domain of the given inverse trig. function.

How do you simplify the expression #tan(arcsin(x/5)) #?

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Rotation formalisms in three dimensions

Algebra -> Trigonometry-basics-> SOLUTION: write an algebraic expression for the expression: sec[arcsin(x-1)] Log On Algebra: Trigonometry Section Solvers Solvers. Oct 07,  · So I'm taking Geometry and Pre-Calculus next year, and i'm in need of help with this one problem on my Pre-Calc packet for the summer.

I'm so angry because it's the only problem out of a 21 page booklet that i can't get. here it is. Pick one of the acute angles (i.e not the right angle) to be the arcsin(x) angle. Let's call this angle A. Since the sin ratio is opposite/hypotenuse and since we want the sin ration to be x, label the side opposite to A as "x" and the hypotenuse as "1".

Write an algebraic expression for cos arcsin x 4
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How do you simplify the expression tan(arcsin(x/5)) ? | Socratic