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Stick Stickly

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Nick in the Afternoon

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Nick in The Afternoon is a a programing block that aired on Nickelodeon on weekday afternoons during the summer, from to It was hosted by Stick Stickly, a popsicle stick voiced by Paul Christie.

"Write to me Stick Stickly! P.O. Box New York City New York State ! ! ! !" More on Genius "Stick Stickly" Track Info. Written By Neil Cicierega.

James Maslow

Release Date October 26, One regular stunt was "Dip Stick," in which he would be lowered into a cup and have to guess its contents.

Stick was especially gifted for a piece of wood — he was able to absorb tastes, smells, temperatures, and textures. Stick Stickly @StickStickly Write to me. Stick Stickly. P.O. Box New York City. New York State. !! Stick Stickly · July 23, · TeenNick is airing re-runs of All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains It All and Doug this Tuesday-Saturday from a.m.

ET and will replay from a.m. ET.

Write to me stick stickly
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