Writing a play for radio 4 bbc

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Lenny Henry is starring in new Neil Gaiman adaptation Anansi Boys for BBC Radio 4

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4 Transmission Times Radio plays must run to exact lengths as the programme schedule is always fixed. For example, the plays broadcast in BBC African Performance run to 28 minutes, excluding the introduction and credits. There is no way of measuring 28 minutes by the number of words or pages.

Watch video · THE BRIDGE season 4 is setting be premiering in the UK later this year. Ahead of its return, we take a look at what fans can expect from the final series of the hit Scandi drama.

Written by Roy Smiles, Pythonesque is "an affectionate tribute to a troubled, brilliant, kind man who was part of possibly the funniest comedy team ever." This radio play is based on the Edinburgh Fringe show of the same name.

Monday-Friday am Radio 4 (repeated at weekdays) 15 Minute Drama - Short form (15min) commissioned in multiples of 5, ideally a series with individual stories in each episode or short term stories that mature over 5 or 10 episodes. Radio 4, Speech based news, current affairs and factual network.

Includes detailed programme information, audio clips and listings. Available on FM, DAB and online. Oct 21,  · BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play (31 October ) I really didn’t like this for the first few minutes and was considering turning it off, but I persevered.

It was altogether too silly, obsessed with rhubarb—and then the play finally got going and started to make me laugh.

Writing a play for radio 4 bbc
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